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      Filming  Todays Events for Tomorrows Memories  
        A community that forgets its past has no future

   We have 800 hours of film and 8,000 photos in our Archives

We are a History Video Group located in Outwood, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire in England. The club was formed in 2001 to encourage people of all ages to take an interest in film making. 

We intend to film events around our local communities in Outwood, Stanley, Alverthorpe, Wrenthorpe, Kirkhamgate and Lofthouse. All our members are volunteers and give their time freely.

The aim of our club is, with the aid of local funding, to produce a series of videos that reflect the history of our area, and to put together a digital database of film and photographs for future generations.


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Jut Released

History   Mission of the Good Shepherd              Click here

Photos   Golden Memories No.1                           Click here

Film.       Church On The Hill (Full Movie)           Click here

History   Stanley Urban D Council Facts             Click here

Film.       Lofthouse Band "William Tell"              Click here

Top Six May 2022

1. The Old Black Lead Range        51,952 Views  Watch

2. Miners Return To Lofthouse     16,918 Views  Watch

3. A Day Trip to Filey                    16,042 Views Watch

4. Kellingley Last Loco Course      14,236 Views  Watch

5. Wakefield Market 2005             13,246 Views  Watch

6. Closure of Wistow Mine             8,376 Views   Watch 


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