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A collection of wonderful Rhymes and Skipping Songs from our Childhood

Childhood Rhymes

NONSENSE RHYME   Ingrid Coles, Origin Unknown  Read Childhood Rhyme

CHINESE GIRLS  Mike Hooley,  Origin Unknown  Read Childhood Rhyme

T’AWPNY,   Mike Hooley,  Origin Unknown  Read Childhood Rhyme

FOOTBALL MATCH,  Mike Hooley,  Origin Unknown  Read Childhood Rhyme

AR SALLS NEW BONNIT, Mike Hooley, Origin Unknown Read Childhood Rhyme

THIS LITTLE PIGGY  First appeared in 1728  Read Childhood Rhyme

EENY MEENY MINY MO   Early 1800s Traditional  Read Childhood Rhyme

BOBBY SHAFTOE  Joan Womack Radley  Traditional   Read Childhood Rhyme

ONE FINE DAY  Janice Hutchins/Bridie Hemingway  Read Childhood Rhyme

3 SHORT RHYMES   B Sykes/P Snowden/M Hooley.  Read Childhood Rhyme

LOFTHOUSE J&I LATE 1940s   Michael Wild.            Read Childhood Rhyme               

Skipping Songs

BUMPER CAR   Ingrid Coles , Origin Unknown                            Read Skipping Song

I’M A LITTLE GIRL GUIDE   Joan Womack Radley,  Made up     Read Skipping Song

SOMEONE UNDER THE BED  Khadija Noor, Origin Unknown    Read Skipping Song

ALL IN TOGETHER GIRLS  Judith Brassett Origin Unknown      Read Skipping Song

ICKLE OCKLE   Karen Else  Origin Unknown                              Read Skipping Song

If you would like to contribute a skipping verse or a childhood rhyme, then contact me on the link below.


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