This Rhyme was taught to me by my dad in the 1940s


A were walkin' through't tarn,
on a cowd winters neet,
un't wind it were blowin' like mad,

A saw set on't pavestoouns,
all wet through wi' sleet.
a poor little bare fooited lad.

A sed, "weer is thi daddy boy ,weer' is thi’ mam”

Whats’ ta crying for, Poor little lamb!

What do the’ call thi lad? Tell me thi name.
‘Ev the’ been oinin’ tha?, ough that’s a shame.

See tek’ this ‘anky an’ wipe thi wet face
Tears o’ thi little cheeks seems aht o’ place

‘Ere tak’ this awpny an’ buy some spice
Rock sticks, or ‘umbugs, or awt ‘at’s nice.
Then run off ‘ome ageean fast as tha can.
Theer tha’ alreight ageean, run like a man.

‘E wiped ‘is face wi’ ‘is little white brat
An tried to say summat, Ah couldn’t tell wat
But ‘is little face breetened wi pleasure all through
Ee it’s cappin’ what a ‘awpny will do.

For those who find the dialect a bit hard to understand.

I was walking through town
on a cold winters night
and the wind was blowing like mad

I saw sat on the pavement
all wet through with sleet
a poor boy with no shoes

Where is your Daddy darling? Where is your Mam?
What are you crying for? Poor little lamb!
What do they call you lad? Tell me your name.
Have they been teasing you? Why that’s a shame.

See take this hanky and wipe your wet face
Tears on your little cheeks seem out of place
Here take this halfpenny and buy some spice (sweets)
Rock sticks. Or humbugs or something that’s nice.

Then run off home again fast as you can
There you are all right again run like a man.

He wiped his face with his little white brat (a shirt/dress like garment for small boys)
And tried to say something, I couldn’t tell what
But his little face brightened with pleasure and all
Eh it’s surprising what a halfpenny will do.

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