A Walk Along Ledger Lane, Outwood in April 1911.

This is somewhat different to our usual walks as it concentrates far more on the place itself than it
does on the people who live there.

Few of the 100+ properties in 1911 go by the name of Ledger Lane, and many of them are not
numbered, but, as we walk along from the Leeds Road end, on the left, and back, I hope to show
you a little of what the street was like in 1911 and how it relates to what you will know of the place in 2017.

At the outset, I confess that I have found it difficult to match exactly the details of properties in 1911
with their modern counterparts, as the historical papers are somewhat confusing.

I may not have been totally successful but, please, accept this comparison in the fashion it is offered,
and enjoy the walk.

We start on the left-hand side looking from Leeds RoadIn 2017 there will be thirty-six odd-numbered houses running alongside the pavement from 1 to 73 before the Park, and behind them are the homes on
Ledger Place, between The Avenue and Annie Street.

In 1911, things are rather different once we pass the house known as Outwood Cottage (which in
2017 will be known as 39 Ledger Lane)  for the next houses in 1911 stand well back from the street
and within the area which will be occupied in 2017 by Ledger Place.

There are three cottages, then four houses by the name of Hepworth's Buildings, two called Ledger
Buildings and eleven known as Ledger Fold (of which five are uninhabited) before we return to the
2017 pavement and meet another six houses on Ledger Lane itself.

So off we go.

Most of the structures in 1911 are as they will be in 2017, but many of the names of the properties are different.

The first four properties go by the name of Hepworth's Buildings. This is confusing from the outset
for, as I've already explained, there are another four houses known by the same name further down
the Lane
in 1911. These first properties are occupied by people with the names of Stakes, Pilling, Whittingham and Smith.

Then come two houses with Ledger Lane addresses, lived in by Langford and Henshaw.

Daisy Bank follows, with six properties housing Sands, Margison, Idle, Fowler, Cowling and Keech.

We are now at what will be 23 Ledger Lane in modern times, but in 1911 the next seven places are
referred to as 23 to 33 Hanson's Buildings (or as 23-25 Daisy Bank and 27-31 Ledger Lane)  lived
in by Marshall, Smith, Stafford, Seage, Shaw, Law and Massey.

We are now at what you will know as Ashville Cottage but in 1911 it is called Ashfield Cottage and is occupied by Wood.

Outwood Cottage (Littlewood) comes next and matches with what will be 39 Ledger Lane in 2017.

We now walk to the properties which stand back from Ledger Lane in 1911 - Vine Cottage
(Richardson), Ivy Cottage (Cairns), Rose Cottage (Claughton), followed, confusingly, by the other four
Hepworth's Buildings (Pickersgill, Walker, Vinter and Charlesworth) and two known as Ledger
Buildings (Wittingham and Smith).

There are then eleven properties known as Ledger Fold, but only six are inhabited - by Clark, Tingle,
Eaton, Etherington, Hodson and Asquith.

Back on to Ledger Lane itself, we conclude our walk down this left-hand side with six houses
occupied by Bower, Hampshire, Howarth, Hawkin, Law and Bowler.


Now, let's cross to the other side of Ledger Lane and walk back towards Leeds Road.

The situation in matching ancient with modern in terms of property names is no less confusing than
it was on the other side of the road, but on this side, at least we can relax by playing a game of ‘spot
the Hartleys'.

In 1911, there is Beech Grove, five houses, Holmes, Ames, Moss, Wild and Cowling.

Then comes Elmfield (Steeples), three houses known as The Woodlands (Lee, Clift and Farrar), three
May Villas (Ingle, Wilson and Wilson, again), two Irwin Cottages (Steeples and Posket) and two
houses known as Grange View (Haigh and Pullan).

I reckon that the second house of Grange View will be number 110 in 2017.

Yes, I know, I could have written a whole piece about the son of the Haighs at Grange View/112, but
that has been done before.

Moving on, there are seven houses called Sackville Terrace (Crew, Reed, Moody, Hudson, Gould,
Newton and Johnson), followed by Bric-a-brac Cottage (Grafton).

Then come the four houses of Glencoe Terrace (Dixon, Rhodes, Barstow and Longthorn) and the
three called Hartley's Buildings (Cooper, Oddy and Hartley).

These are followed by five properties called Plantation View, although sometimes referred to as
Hartley's Buildings, too (Walker, Pickersgill, Simpson, Rhodes and Hartley).

I reckon we are now at what will be number 68 Ledger Lane in modern times.

Then comes the Club House, or perhaps there are two houses, where people by the name of Raby and Hudson live, followed by the Club itself.

Between here and the two schools - the Boys' School and the Girls' School - are four houses known as Grange Villas (Robinson, Teasdale, Weston and Hartley), The Cedars (Tuffley), The Laurels (Tuffley, again), and a School House occupied by Davis.

After the schools, there is another School House (Hartley) and two houses called The Hawthorns
(Ellis and Hartley).

Then come four houses known as Glasgow Place (Walker, Langley, Dawes and Moody) and six
Hudson's Houses (Hesling, Hartley, Burton, Hudson, Lindley and Webster), 

Then we find another three properties with a Ledger Lane address (Broxup, Hartley and Simpson).

Our walk concludes with the three properties in what in 1911 is called Queen's Yard (Ogden, France
and Littlewood).

Wow. Quite a trek!

I can only hope that you enjoyed it. Thanks for your time.

David Simmonds.



For those who know the area well, we move on  fifty years or so - and reminisce a little more.

In 1960-62 the 91 occupied houses on Ledger Lane were lived in by the following families.

1 Glossop / Smith          
3 East           5 Eaton         7 Brown           9 Wilson           11 Bradley

13 Isaac         15 Hammill           17 Naylor           19 Green             21 Grace          23 Booth

25 Lockwood         27 Williams / Addy          29 Boffey         31 Littlewood     33 Tranter / Howcroft

35 Earnshaw           37 Moss            39 Kitchen            41 Kaye            43 Brighton /McAvoy 

45 Hammill             47 Cawthraw            49 Taylor           51 Greaves             53 Stanley

55 —    57 —     59 —     61 —         63 Hirst          65 Wright           67 Colwood           69 Ogley

71 Bedford            73 Eddison            4 Haslegrave          6 Rogerson        8 —         10 ---

12 Hudson             14 —             16 —           18 Thompson              20 Howe               22 ---

24 Smith              26 Edwards               28 Lindop                30 Owen                 32 Farrar

34 Austerfield          36 Kilburn             38 Main / Curl              40 Hallas             42 Colley

44 —         46 Robinson          48 Teasdale          50 —    52 —          54 Lewty         56 Howcroft

58 Richardson           60 Westwood          62 —             64 Spurr               66 Hays            68 ---

70 Clifton              72 Townend            74 Guilfoyle              76 Blacker               78 Pickthall

80 Andrews           82 Cooling               84 Mays                  86 Mathery                88 Barstow

90 Rhodes             92 Summerscales               94 Lindop              96 Wetherill             98 Firth

100 Croft              102 Wainwright              104 Winpenny               106 Angell              108 ---

110 Aston          112 Beckett             114 Wood            116 Hartley             118 Marston / Shaw

120 Turner           122 Harrison             124 Smales            126 Hallas              128 Noble

130 Horsfield         132 Sykes / Aveyard            134 Wild             136 Eddison          138 Walker

140 —               142 Watton.

Data compiled by David Simmons.

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