A Walk Down Coach Road, Outwood in April 1911

None of the properties are numbered and very few go by the name of Coach Road, pure and simple, but as we walk from top to bottom and back, I hope to show you a little of what the street is like in 1911 and how it relates to what you know of the place in 2017.

On the left hand side, as we walk down from Leeds Road, we find Pleasant View, followed by Clarkson's Buildings, which you will know as numbers 7 to 17 Coach Road in 2017. 

Then, there are three properties, including the Stanley Urban District Council offices, which are called Coach Road. 

Freemount Cottages follow, then a house and shop with a Coach Road address, then Ladysmith Place, Belle View, and Wright's Buildings. In 2017, these will be known as numbers 45 to 61 Coach Road.

Once we reach a point opposite what is described as the Football Ground, there are no further houses along the left-hand side of Coach Road itself - although there is Hatfeild Row(Long Row) which faces over the fields to Rook's Nest Road.

Without including Hatfeild Row, the number of properties on this side of the road is 29, and they house 123 people. You might find it interesting to know that in 19 of the 29 houses, at least one person has an occupation associated with the coal mining industry.

Now, let's cross over at the bottom of Coach Road and make our way back up towards its junction with Leeds Road.

On this side of the road, after the football field, we will meet 38 properties, 14 known as Coach Road Cottages, 2 known as Coach Road, and 22 called Woodbine Terrace, in that order as we walk back up the hill.

Some of the Coach Road Cottages are houses in what you will know as Binks Street in 2017, along with former Council Houses nearer the Football Ground and others opposite Hatfeild Row.

Our two 1911 Coach Road addresses on this side will be numbers 54 and 52 in 2017.

We complete our walk by passing along the front of Woodbine Terrace, which is a row of houses which runs alongside Coach Road on its left-hand side as we walk up towards Leeds Road. This row will still be there in 2017 but you will know the houses as numbers 50 to 8 Coach Road.

65 people are living in the 14 Cottages in 1911 plus 6 are living in the two houses named Coach Road and 121 people are living in the 22 houses of Woodbine Terrace.

This accounts for 192 people living on this side of Coach Road; and at least one person has an occupation associated with the coal mining industry in 26 of the 38 houses.

In summary, then, our walk along Coach Road in April 1911 has taken in a total of 67 properties and in 45 of them at least one person has an occupation associated with the coal mining industry.

The 67 houses are occupied by 315 people, which is an average of about 5 people per household, but one house in Clarkson's Buildings has 11 residents and, on the other side of the road, there are two families of 10.

I hope you found the walk interesting.

David Simmonds.

We have now moved on about 50 years to 1960/62

The 82 houses have now received numbers, here are the occupants.

Left hand side going down

1 Barnes             3  Kilburn             5  Barnes           7  Senior          9 Hampshire     11 Colbeck / Fisher    

13 Hampshire        15  Angell            17  Colbeck        23  Dixon             25  Tomlinson     27  Holroyd       

29  Hargreaves        31 Grainger / Cherry / Leach         35 Firth      35a   Summerscales / Firth            

35b Taylor / Edwards   37 Heslop            39 Bridgett          45 Arundel           47 Ackroyd           49 Bateman

51 Barnes          53  Bedford            55  Simpson / Stringer              57 Heslop                  59 Armitage 

61 Jarman          63  Lunn              65 Thorp              67  Barlow           69  Thomas           71  Wright

73  Whitaker          75 Abbott             77 Greenwood        79 Howe          81 Roberts          83 Sellers

85  Lee   87            Etchell            89  Stringer           91  Stringer           93   Hartley             95  Parry

Right hand side going down

8 Hatton           10 Colley          12 Ramsden           14 Illingworth           16 Barnes            12 Taylor 

20 Jinks            22 Banks             24 Tingle          26 Ripley           28 Caines             30 Ramsden

32 Howell         34 Sidwell           36 Rathmell           38 Wild          42 Fawcett              44 Dawson  

46 Featherstone        48 Bramley          50 Watson / Smith           52 Braddock          54 Kelly

56  Hargreaves              58  Picken                60  Slater              62  Odgen               64  Kellett / Rushforth 

66  Smith                  68  Teasdale                 70  Farmer                        72  Jones                          74  Hinchcliffe

6  Johnson                  78  Poyser                       80  Smith                      82  Charlesworth.

Data compiled by David Simmonds.

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