By Sid Pickersgill

Since my last reminiscent of Bottomboat, and the good times we had, In the shoe factory there was good relationship between the workers, when we stated making football boots Mr Lamb engaged a lady called Emma Stathers ? to work with me, she had to cut the fittings back straps, tongues we got on fine, I was 17 and had 12 months good back up from Emma before going into the army,  If I was having a bad day she would say this  little quote , 

It’s easy enough to be pleasant when the world goes on like a song, but the man worthwhile is the one who can smile, when everything goes wrong.  And if I was winding her up she would say,

If you were mine I would kill or cure you, you are like the white hen that never layed away from home, you never threw toffee papers on the church floor did you,   (work that out)   her husband Wilson worked for the council, looking after the street lights, another quote was if you haven’t got a smile you can have one of mine, I have used it many times       Emma’s sister also worked there. Her name was Alice who I also called Aunty, her husband was Mr Newbold he was the manager of the Coop at the end of Ferry lane, and she had another sister called Mrs Phew, these 3 sisters had the Maiden name of Arundel. My friendship lasted until they passed, into spirit.

Working behind me was a lady called Phyllis Jones, her daughter Betty was a machinist, her work was to skive the leather thinner, sometimes she would spoil one, I had to replace it, as always she would quote, ‘ Thankyou for your great kindness and generosity  shown towards me, such was the memories.

Mr Lambs cousin Herbert, better known as Burt, worked in the finishing room, He had 2 sons John and Raymond, and a daughter Brenda, she married Mr Mc Mullan sorry cannot remember his first name, John and Brenda and her husband, accompanied by another cousin emigrated to Australia, I corresponded with Brenda until she passed think 20011-12, She did try to take her father, but he died just before his departure date.         

Sally Briggs who lived in Barkers street, she was in the packing room, also the tea lady, she had 3 sons Donald, Brian and Jack. Donald and Brian emigrated to Australia, Brian was an Ex Wakefield Trinity player, and he also passed into spirit in Australia. 

Just to conclude. I once visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Heaton. On the end of the sideboard near the door was an ornament of a man’s head with a face on both sides, one was smiling the other frowning. I asked why? She said her husband smoked a pipe and when he had no tobacco in the jar he would turn it to a frown to let her know. When she put some in, she would turn it round to the smile. I was a lot older when I realised how devoted this couple were.               

                                              So to all you Bottomboaters, old and new.

                                    I send Love and sunshine and wish you a happy 2015. 

  From Minister Sidney Pickersgill.  

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