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A CASE OF BEING FORGETFUL. Walter and Ann had a large family. I well remember a time in the early 1970s when Ann would be well into her eighties, and not being able to walk very far, was being pushed up Grandstand Road  in a wheelchair by her daughter Catherine who herself would be over 60.

To make conversation, I casually asked Ann how many children had she had. Imagine my surprise when she replied 'I don't really know' Then she turned to Catherine and said 'Was it 15 or 16 Cathy?’.

We do know she reared 8 to adulthood so she must either have lost the others in childbirth or at a very young age, which was not unusual in those days.

Even though she had all those children she still went out and worked on the land. They don't make them like that these days.

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