White Hall Farm

Is situated at Bradford Road Wrenthorpe, Behind th WMDC, Warehouse. 

Detached House sold for £225,000 in 2000.

1841 Census

White Hall Farm is not named on this census but on gathering information from later census images I believe the following family was living and working there!  If you have read my research on Red Hall you will know William was the son of Thomas Briggs and William was at Red Hall in 1851.  William had married Mary Ann nee Gill a possible relative to Joseph Gill and family who were at Red Hall in 1841.

Thomas Briggs had married Sarah nee Glover on 2nd July 1805 and Sarah had died in 1836.

Thomas Briggs b. ca.     1781       60      Farmer (Widower)

Henry Briggs b. ca.        1811        30

Thomas Briggs     1819        22

Joseph Briggs b. ca.     1823        18      Cooper

William Briggs b. ca.     1825        16  (later at Red Hall Farm)

Elizabeth Briggs b. ca.  1823        18

James Hill b. ca.           1823        18

Sarah Kingsworth b. ca. 1825  16

Sarah (Slater/Stoner?) b. ca. 1826      15 (Transcribed as Sarah Spencer?) 

As there was no entry of relationships, at that time I am not sure if the last 3 entries are related or working on the farm.  You will also note there are also no entries of their occupations. The surname on the last entry for Sarah's surname born ca. 1826 is not really very clear!

1851 Census

White Hall is named on this census!  William Briggs had moved on to Red Hall Farm by 1846.  Joseph Briggs married Alice Hesling at St. Peter's Church, Leeds on 8th January 1843. 
Joseph was entered as working as a cooper in Holbeck, Leeds, on his marriage however he later became a gardener around Wakefield in Newton, Northgate, Teall Street and Snow Hill. 
On his marriage witnesses were Thomas Slater and Hannah Gill.  Hannah Gill may have been Hannah Gill nee Sanderson, the mother of William Briggs's wife Mary Ann nee Gill's mother, as she didn't die until 1863!.  
Was Sarah (with the puzzling surname on the 1841 census) related to Thomas Slater?.

I believe there may be a story to be told on Joseph and Alice's son Glover Briggs b. 3rd Dec 1853 (on military record 1854 at the National Archives but his birth was registered as Dec. Qtr. 1853) as he enlisted with the Royal Marine Light Infantry on 3rd July 1879 and was on the Royal Navy ship H.M.S. 'Northumberland' which was at anchor off Gibraltar in 1881, a ship described as 'first class ironclad' under the command of George Stanley Bosanquet.  

1879 was the time of the 'Zulu War' in South Africa although I don't believe Glover went there as the R.M.'s that went, sailed around the time of his enlistment and arrived back in August 1879.  Was he involved in the Egyptian Conflict In 1882 though?  In 1891 Glover Briggs is in the Royal Marine Barracks at Forton, Alverstoke, Hampshire. 
Although I don't have access to some records it appears Glover was incarcerated at Wakefield Prison but know nothing further at this point except he died in 1896.  If someone has access to the prison records or knows Glover's story I would love to know more!  Sadly I also can't afford to start spending money on service records as well!

Thomas Briggs b. ca.   1781          Head    70    Farmer & Gardener of 80? acres (amount of acreage not very clear)

Henry Briggs b. ca.      1806              Son    45    Garden Labourer

Thomas Briggs b. ca.   1814              Son    37    Garden Labourer

Elizabeth Briggs b. ca. 1816  Daughter    35    Housekeeper

James Briggs b. ca.     1819               Son    32    Shoemaker

Elizabeth Green b. ca. 1839  Granddaur    12    Scholar

From this we can surmise there is at least one more daughter for Thomas, who married into a Green family.  I found 2 more daughters for Thomas and Sarah nee Glover, Helen Briggs b. 4th June 1808 bpt. 31st December 1810 at St. John the Baptist Church and Sarah Ann Briggs bpt. 31 August 1811 at St. John the Baptist Church, birth date is difficult to read but when I connected the record her birth date was the same date as Helen's baptism, so either it was badly transcribed or Sarah their mother had a very busy day!  

Sarah Ann married Thomas Ellis Jackson at St. Helens, Sandal Magna on 13 September 1829 her sister entered as Ellen was a witness.  I found a marriage record for "Ellen Briggs" to George Green dated 7th June 1836 at All Saints Church, Wakefield.  They had a daughter Elizabeth b. ca. 1839 and George was a publican in 1841 in Newton. 
In 1851 George was working as an agricultural labourer and his wife was entered as Ellenor.  In 1861 he was a widower agricultural labourer, living at 1 Newton Lane and is listed underneath "Ellen's" brother, William Briggs who was of course at Red Hall Farm.  So Helen/Ellen/Ellenor Green nee Briggs died in May 1852 and was buried 5th May 1852 at St. John the Baptist Church under the name of Ellen Green.  George and "Ellen's" children were Elizabeth, Ann, Thomas, George, Harriet, Matilda and Eliza.  Through Harriet, who married James Malyon on 28th February 1876, I found a lead to a Blackburn connection. 
There is a niece of Harriet's that was named Elizabeth Blackburn b. ca. 1886 could she be related to John Blackburn who was a witness at William Glover Briggs marriage to Elizabeth nee Appleyard in March 1850?

Where was James in 1841?  I eventually found him at Providence Street, Wakefield as a shoe maker listed underneath his sister Sarah Ann and his brother-in-law Thomas Ellis Jackson (a butcher).  I believe James is James Glover Briggs who married Sarah Godfrey on 20th November 1851!  James and his wife Sarah never had children but from 1861 until 1891 they had a niece named Martha Hill living with them so it might be that James Hill on the 1841 census was related to the Briggs family although it must be noted Martha was born in Lincolnshire and James Hill on the 1841 census in Yorkshire! 
So the relationship between Martha Hill and the Brigg family is more likely to be the niece of his wife Sarah nee Godfrey who was also from that County and no relationship to James Hill on the 1841 census?  James Glover Briggs owned a shoe shop on Westgate in 1861.

1861 Census

Thomas Briggs died in May 1851 and was buried 28th May 1851 at All Saints.  His sons Henry and Thomas had taken over the farm after his death!

Henry Briggs b. ca. 1806    Head      55      Farmer and Gardener of 50 acres employing 3 labourers, 1 daily domestic servant.  

There is an illegible entry below Henry could it be Elizabeth 47 years old or had the entry tried to be removed.

Thomas Briggs b. ca. 1822 Brother  47    Farmer and Gardener

It could be the entry was removed as I found Elizabeth Briggs on Albion Street with her niece Emma E Jackson and a boarder George Hill from Lincolnshire a clerk at the Probate Court.  I surmise George was more than likely related to Martha Hill the niece of James Glover Briggs and Sarah nee Godfrey!

Emma Elizabeth Jackson went on to marry Percy Woodroffe Paver, a clerk in the Wakefield District Probate Court.  His father William Paver from York,  was described as an A.M. Genealogist & Registrar of Births & Deaths in 1861 in York.  Perhaps Emma Elizabeth met Percy through George Hill?

Elizabeth Briggs b. 1816 was living in Albion Street in 1861 and In 1871 with her sister Sarah Ann Jackson nee Briggs who lost her  husband in 1868.  By 1881 Elizabeth was living in Howard Street, still with her widowed sister.  Elizabeth and Sarah Ann were annuitants.  Sarah Ann Briggs died towards the end of 1885.  In 1891 Elizabeth is with her niece Emma Elizabeth Paver nee Jackson who was still married, in Howard Street.  I believe Elizabeth may have been ill as shortly after the census was taken she died I believe, maybe that was why her niece was with her?

1871 Census

Henry Briggs had died in 1866 and his brother Thomas had married Jane Caroline Appleyard nee Wright (a widow) on 28th April 1868 at St John's Church.  Their marriage was witnessed by John Burtan and Frances aka Fanny Appleyard (Jane's eldest daughter).  

By 1871 Thomas had retired and moved to Outwood with his wife and step-children.  The Gill family below had moved into White Hall Farm!  In 1861 the family had been at a farm on Leeds Road, Newton Hill.

Joe S Gill b. ca.        1827    Head   44      Farmer of 66 acres employing 2 labourers

Martha Gill b. ca.      1825    Wife    46

Charles S Gill b. ca. 1855     Son    16      Employed at Home

Joe S Gill b. ca.        1858     Son    13      Scholar

Emma Gill b. ca.       1863  Daughter  8      Scholar

Arthur R Gill b. ca.    1868    Son      3      Scholar

Joseph Sanderson Gill was the son of George Gill (grocer and flour dealer, on Northgate) and Hannah Gill nee Sanderson.  Joseph was the brother-in-law of William Briggs.  William had married Joseph's sister Mary Ann Briggs nee Gill and they were at Red Hall Farm from 1846 until it was taken over by their son William Glover Briggs at sometime between 1881 to 1891.

Joseph Sanderson Gill had married Martha Ward at Bradford Cathedral on 13th April 1851 witnesses were William Briggs and William Holmes.  By 1851 George Gill had become a farmer of 30 acres at Newton employing 3 labourers.  George died later that same year and was buried at St. John's.

Martha Gill nee Ward was the daughter of Charles Ward an Inn Keeper of the New Inn, Adwalton Lane, Drighlington.  In recent times, this inn was a music venue under the name of "Drigstock" but had re-opened under it's old name, under new management, on what is now known as Wakefield Road, Drighlington.

It must be noted their son entered as Charles S Gill was in fact Charles Edward Gill born in 1855.  Charles went on to marry Harriet Wood at All Saints, Wakefield Parish Church on 1st March 1877.  Their son Thomas Wood Gill was born 27th December 1883.  Thomas served in WWI with the Yorkshire Light Infantry as 10174 Corporal T. W. Gill. 
His First Theatre of War was on 14th August 1914 in France, aquiring the 1914 Star clasp 2/2636, the British War Medal and Victory Medal.  This suggests Thomas was already in the military when sent to fight and possibly explains why I can't find him on the 1911 census. 
Thomas was reported dead 12 days later on 26th August 1914, on the first day of the Battle of Le Cateau.  Thomas is one of 20 men believed to be buried at Le Cateau Military Cemetery that are commemorated on a Special Memorial B.5. there.  Thomas is also commemorated on the Kirkhamgate War Memorial.

1881 Census

Joseph Sanderson Gill died in 1878 and his wife Martha I think died in 1880, the farm was taken over by his son Joe Sanderson Gill who had married Emma Gill Briggs (born 1858, at Red Hall Farm) his cousin, on 15th March 1881 at St. John the Baptist Church. 
The marriage was witnessed by Henry Briggs (brother of Emma Gill Briggs), Emma Gill (sister of Joe) and William Pearson (husband of Mary Ann nee Briggs, Emma Gill Briggs's sister).  Emma Gill, Joe's sister died in 1889.

Joe Sanderson Gill b. ca. 1858    Head    23    Farmer 57 acres employing 2 men

Emma Gill b. ca.              1859     Wife    22

Arthur Robert Gill b. ca.   1868    Brother    13

Arthur Robert Gill went on to marry Florence Annie Harrison on 17th January 1894 at a Non-Conformist ceremony in Wakefield.  They went on to have several children but they had a son they named Arthur Colenso Gill born 28th February 1900, no doubt his middle name came from the Battle of Colenso, fought in the II Boer War 15th December 1899.  

This was the third and final battle fought during the Black Week.  Between 10th-17th December 1899 the British forces suffered 3 devastating defeats at the Battles of Stromberg, Magersfontein and Colenso against the Boers.

1891 Census

Joe Sanderson Gill b. ca.     1859    Head    32    Farmer    Employer

Emma Sanderson Gill b. ca. 1859   Wife    32

William Briggs Gill b. ca.       1882    Son      9    Scholar

Mary Ann Gill b. ca.              1884    Daughter      7

Violet Emma Gill b. ca.         1886    Daughter      5

You'll note that Emma's middle name was incorrectly entered on this census.  No mention was made of how many men were employed on the farm.

1901 Census

Joe S. Gill b. ca.       1859    Head    42    Market Gardener    Employer

Emma Gill b. ca.       1859    Wife    42 

William B. Gill b. ca. 1882    Son    19      Article & Law Clerk (Solicitor)

Violet E. Gill b. ca.    1886    Daughter    15

Sanderson H. B. Gill b. ca. 1893  Son      8

Henry Gill b. ca.       1900     Son      1

1911 Census

Joe Sanderson Gill b. ca. 1859    Head    52    Yeoman    Employer at home

Emma Gill Gill b. ca.         1859    Wife    52

Violet Emma Gill b. ca.     1886    Daughter    25

Sanderson Henry Briggs Gill b. ca. 1893 Son    18    Law Student

Beatrice Hudson b. ca.     1894    Servant      17  General Servant (Domestic)

Joe and Emma stated that they had been married for 30 years, had 5 children, 3 still living, 2 had died.  The 2 children being Mary Ann born 1884 who I believe died in 1896 and Henry born 1900 died in 1902.

White Hall was listed as having 8 rooms not including the bathroom so another substantial farm house.

Joe Sanderson Gill died in 1917, his wife Emma Gill Gill nee Briggs died in 1929.

William Briggs Gill was a boarder in Highgate, London as a Solicitor in 1911.  William had become a solicitor in 1905 and never married.  He was awarded his O.B.E. for work as legal adviser to the Ministry of Munitions and Ministry of Food during WWI. 
Sadly on a rather warm day in his office in Leadenhall Street, London while with a client,  he suddenly fell ill.  A doctor was sent for however William died from a heart attack attributed to the heat before the doctor arrived.

Violet Emma Gill who was at 6 St John's North in 1939 died in 1968.

Sanderson Henry Briggs Gill married Dorothy Margaret Bennett at St. Saviour's in the Parish of Hampstead on 5th June 1920.  Witnesses were Alice M. Bennett (mother of bride), William Briggs Gill and Violet Emma Gill.  Sanderson gave his address as Snow Hill Grange, nr. Wakefield.  Dorothy's father was Raymond Christmas Bennett (Gentleman) who had died in 1915. Sanderson was on the Honours List of 1962 as the Chairman of Wakefield National Insurance Local Tribunal and was awarded a Civil O.B.E.

Sanderson Henry Briggs Gill O.B.E. died in Wakefield in 1966.

1939 Census

Thomas J. Macaulay b. 19 Mar 1892 Market Gardener H.W.

Mabel Macaulay b. 25 Jan 1894 Unpaid Domestic Duties

Philip O. Macaulay b. 31 Aug 1924 At School

Annie Asquith b. 25 Apr 1912 Domestic Servant

Thomas Joseph Macaulay was born in  New Jersey, New York State, America (as was his older brother Daniel.)  The son of Thomas Macaulay of Stanley and Mary Ann nee Arundel from Outwood. The Macaulay's descended from Irish immigrants possibly around the time of the Irish Famine?  This needs further investigation however. 
Market gardening does feature throughout the family's Wakefield history with links to Lofthouse, Aberford Road, Lake Lock, Bottom Boat, Outwood and Wrenthorpe. 
In 1911 Thomas Joseph, his parents and siblings lived at Springfield House, Outwood, where his father Thomas was a market gardener with his sons assisting.

Thomas Joseph married Mabel Macaulay nee Wraith in 1921.  Their son Philip Osborne Macaulay died in 1944, Thomas Joseph in 1950 and Mabel in 1969.

Kind regards

Helga Fox

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